Commercial Sales Intern - ArcelorMittal Dofasco

As a Commercial Sales Intern in the Automotive Department, Scott had the opportunity to gain exposure to some of the largest steel projects worldwide. In the midst of U.S Section 232 tariffs on steel, Scott worked with the Inside Sales Representatives to maintain the internal Customer Part System and Master Data Governance system. 

Commentator - Mustang TV / OUA.TV

Throughout Scott's teenage years, he always had a passion for sports. When he moved to London for school, he continued his passions by commentating multiple sports for OUA.TV and Mustang TV. These sports included Hockey, Basketball, and Football, which allowed me to develop an analytical approach to present myself in an insightful manner. Scott take mass amounts of quantitate data such as player stats and turn them into meaningful qualitative implications about the game. Furthermore, he represent the University professionally and with business acumen during all live and recorded presentations of my show. 

 Check our the recording of Yates Cup Semi Final where Scott was the lead commentator! 

Western vs. Carleton Football

Board of Directors - Waterloo Regional Kart Club

Scott served on the Board of Directors from 2016 to 2019. At the age of 18, Scott was the youngest member of the Board of Directors in club history. Scott brought a fresh new perspective on many issue's including driver safety, membership management and club finances. Furthermore, as a director, Scott was responsible for the oversight of over $200,000 in club assets and a yearly revenue of $50,000.

Director of Sponsorship - Charity Ball, Western USC

As the Director of Sponsorship, Scott lead a team of 6 individuals in their efforts to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation on behalf of the Western USC Charity Ball. Scott's determination lead to a record high amount of contributions from the USC's corporate and local partners. 

Student Trustee - Hamilton Wentworth DSB

Elected Student Trustee by his peers, Scott represented the over 50,000 public board students in Hamilton.

As a member of the Board of Trustees, Scott was apart of all decisions on matters brought before the Board. Some critical responsibilities Scott held were to represent the interests of students during deliberations of the Board of Trustees and to communicate Board decisions to students.

Executive Council - OSTA-AECO

Elected to the Executive Council by fellow Student Trustee's, Scott represented the voice over 2,000,000 students at the provincial level. 

As a member of the Executive Council, Scott collaborated with the Ministry of Education and other provincial stakeholders to increase the access to mental health resources for high school students.